Single shaft shredder DJ 5,5-12

It is an industrial shredder designed to shred a material into a fine output fraction ( predominantly in one stage). The size of the output fraction is determined by the sieve (size of the mesh) placed under the rotor of the shredder. The material is crushed between the blades of the rotor (using interchangeable plates) and the stator knife (shaped like a comb).

The machine is equipped with a pneumatic or hydraulic pressure, which ensures a supply of a material to the rotor. Below the sieve of the crusher is a screw conveyor which conveys the pulp to other transport routes such as pneumatic or belt conveyors. The power of the shredder is determinate by the character of the crushed material and the size of the sieve ( size of the mesh ). The device is equipped with electronics that monitors overload with an automatic reverse running of the motor.

The shredders crush : plastic drains, plastic, wood, card board, cables, printed circuit boards, wood and plastic crates, Tetra-pack, chipboard, also suitable for shredding documents.

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