Waste shredders

Our company offers waste shredders (single-shaft shredder and double-shaft shredder) and other machinery and equipment for processing waste, such as belt, screw, gutter conveyors, knife mills and special technologies.

Waste shredders are designed for use in small and large establishments where are increased demands on durability, strength, reliability and maintenance. We produce and supply spare parts and  we also service the waste shredders.

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Waste processing

There are special devices which can be used for waste processing that varies according to the use . Waste shredders ( single-shaft shredder and double-shaft shredder), line for processing tires, the line separating yogurt from the plastic, sorting facility and waste incinerators belongs to devices for processing the waste. The waste processing by using our devices is completely organic.

Double shaft shredder

The double shaft shredder can be used in waste incinerators, sorting facilities and other facilities for processing (e.g. reduction of volume). Thanks to the control system the double shalft shredder does not require a big operator attention.

Belt conveyors

Belt conveyors are part of the sorting and recycling lines for processing waste. They can be made ​​individually (e.g. for trasportation of loose material or piece goods.. ). They are often used in food industry and mechanical engineering. They can always be produced in compliance with concrete customer's requirements ( smooth, with transverse carriers, side coverage, without side coverage and refracted belt conveyors.

Conveyor belts can be made from PVC, polyurethane or rubber.

Hammer and knife mills

Our company manufactures and supplies low-speed and high-speed knife mills and granulators. Hammer mills, knife mills and granulators are used wherever is needed a small size of output fraction. Hammer mills, knife mills and granulators are used for grinding plastic, rubber, wood and paper waste. Small knife mills are typically designed to be installed directly on the press. Hammer mills are used for grinding clay, glass and other materials.. .

Shredder with a sorting sieve is suitable in places where is not necessary a big power but it is necessary to guarantee the size of output fraction.